The NEURASAN® treatment – the only patented smoking cessation therapy in the world – is a method that combines behavioral therapy/hyperhydration therapy & homeopathy. The treatment can help to positively influence the nicotine receptors, in other words the “receiving antennae” in the cells of people who are nicotine dependent, and thus ease the symptoms of the craving to smoke.

The homeopathic portion of the treatment comprises various basic plant and mineral substances which have been potentiated in accordance with the original patented NEURASAN® formulation by scientist & homeopath Markus Gross.

The behavioural therapy comprises a 10-day abstinence and hyperhydration protocol, which enables the patient to permanently change their behaviour patterns.

4 reasons for trying Neurasan therapy:

1-Over 30 years’ experience of smoking cessation

2-Internationally patented formulation 

3-More than 100,000 patients treated worldwide

4-The NEURASAN® treatment is only offered by certified specialist practices

What are the ingredients?

The NEURASAN® therapeutic agent contains only homeopathic active ingredients – the result of many years of research and development by the naturopath Markus Gross. The NEURASAN® brand is subject to trade mark protection by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA).