Dr Hany’s bio

Over 15 years of experience in Medical Aesthetics.

With over 15 years of experience in Aesthetic medical field, Dr.Hany has become a world renowned aesthetic practitioner. Throughout his practice, Dr.Hany has developed various exclusive procedures for which he became sought after worldwide. Nicknamed “the Magician” he lately became a big name among celebrity aesthetic practitioners all over Europe & the Middle East.


International Speaker & Key Opinion Leader


Being an expert who is always striving for development and growth, a credible source to the targeted audience and an international renowned influencer in aesthetics, Dr. Hany forms the perfect KOL for the brands he represents.

Through his unique set of skills, experience and education, Dr. Hany has developed a remarkable international reputation as one of the top speakers in the world of aesthetics, representing European and international brands worldwide.

His talks, trainings and workshops have taken place in over  50 countries, spreading his beauty expertise from Europe to the USA, from the Middle East to Asia & Australia, communicating the latest studies & clinical information for the Labs he represents.


Best Medical Practice Award winner Europe 2018


Dr. Hany received countless awards. In 2017, he received the Speaker Award at Dubai Derma International Congress. In 2018, he got nominated for “Best Medical Practice” award of Aesthetic Medicine Field. He was nominated  by the EMA (European Medical Association), along with 35 other Doctors & Clinics from all over Europe.”Best Medical Pratice Award” ceremony took place in May 2018 in Oxford, England.  Dr.Hany ended up winning the “BEST MEDICAL PRACTICE” for Medical Aesthetics, Europe 2018.


Academic Trainer for aspiring Aesthetic Doctors


Introducing a whole new curriculum to the Royal College of General Practitioners:

Dr. Hany is a Master Class instructor in Advanced Aesthetic Procedures at the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) in Central London.

With his long years of experience, and being selected as a Word Expert among 64 applicants, Dr.Hany was the 1st trainer to introduce advanced Facial Anatomy with live drawings.

His unique curriculum includes:

  • Teaching Facial Proportions through his 3 different approaches; Anatomic, Artistic and Expressive.
  • Introducing Profile Balancing Techniques through Non Invasive Rhinoplasty & Chin Balancing.
  • Teaching Tear Trough Filler Techniques using a Micro Cannula.
  • Teaching principles of Facial definition via Lower Face Enhancement.
  • Teaching how to perform a 3D assessment and develop one’s aesthetic eye for a more holistic & global approach.

“Biggest differences are made with slight changes” – Dr. Hany

It was his unique technique, the “Male Face Sculpt”, which earned him his nickname, “The Magician”!

After his wide experience at the RCGP, Dr. Hany decides to establish his own Training Academy in London.