Seen his Pharmacy Doctorate & his wide experience in Cosmetology & products compounding, Dr Hany is of the very few aesthetic practitioners very reputable for his unique mixtures & potent cocktails for use in Mesotherapy. This helps him cover multiple indications for all age ranges. Mutivitamins, Hyaluronic Acid, oligo- elements, antioxidants and many more, skillfully injected in the epidermal layer, to provide with best results as of glow enhancement, deep hydration, anti aging properties and many more.

Price:  Varies depending on treated area. Starting £120 per session.


Platelet Rich Plasma, also known as PRP,  is a procedure that helps rejuvenate the skin by injecting patient’s own plasma in the dermis to stimulate cell growth & collagen production. PRP has become a popular non surgical procedure. It promises to improve complexion and texture and restore lost facial volume.

PRP has also proven efficacy for Hair Regrowth Stimulation. Dr.Hany highly recommends it after a Hair Transplant Procedure.

Price: starting £ 250 per session.